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Build the confidence 

to share

your story;

design your life 

one step at a time.

Sharing stories is important because...

In July 2019, while enjoying a perfect evening in the central coast hills of California, I was struck by how much my life had changed, through the conscious effort of simply choosing a different way of life. 

I realized that I had successfully let go of material things, jobs, worries, and relationships that had kept me "stuck."

Don't get me wrong: I was afraid of "losing" and I'm big on attachment! There's heartache, loss, grieving, depression, uncertainty and the full spectrum of human emotions behind the story that got me to this place.

But now, as each new day brings me inconceivable joy and gratitude, honestly, my life is a wonder.

Especially now that I don't stew on how to make it that way.

How did that happen? It took a lot of work. And, I got help along the way.


One step that I took, that I'd like to share with you, is that I made the time to express the simple yet profound

guiding principles for the life I have and the life I want to lead for the foreseeable future: Simple Abundance. 


This is just one of many steps I took to "rewrite" my life story. 

Start your journey to rewrite your own life story, and redesign your life.

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