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Do I need

a life coach?

Do I need

a life coach?

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Start with a single step.

As you follow your process, all will unfold as it's meant to...and your life will become a wonder to you. 


My role is to encourage you,

remove obstacles,

provide needed resources,

acknowledge your progress,

and sing your praises

(when you let me).

Let me be your coach



Think of me as a trusted mentor who can help you identify, address, and remove the obstacles that keep you from living your best life.

Checking in on a regular basis gives you a safe, non-judgmental and focused time and place to create what you want for yourself, and helps provide accountability for you to follow through, obtain the tools and resources you need, and keep moving forward. 



Working with me isn't for everyone, but is best for those who are committed to a more fulfilled life and are willing to do the work needed to achieve that aim. 


About Karen Bergh



I work with people in all areas,

including relationships,


financial and physical health,

spiritual wellbeing,

and more. 




Let me know what is

bringing you to me today...


As a life coach, I talk a lot about designing your life.

Start with a single step. 


If you think your reasons are

career oriented...

 life coaching can help you make your current job more gratifying, improve communication and focus, or market yourself better.


If your reasons are personal...

 life coaching can help you improve your relationships, change negative behaviors and communication patterns, and resolve issues.


If your reasons are health and wellbeing... 

life coaching can set you on a course for a more balanced work/play lifestyle, clarify your values, make spirituality a priority, and increase the amount of "flow" in your life!

Social isolation is a real condition.
Even without a pandemic to drive it.

If these times have

motivated you to look

at your life...

Let's chat.


Coaching Introduction

$30 / session

30 mins

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