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What if your greatest
success isn't behind you,
but still to come?


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Hello, I'm Karen Bergh.

After 15 years in higher ed administration,

I decided to design a life.




Now, I share my passion by helping others.

I work with people who need support to go through tough transitions that demand personal growth.

Life Coaching is...
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            provides 1:1 life and writing coaching to help you recognize your genius, gain insights for personal and professional growth, and reconnect with your dreams so that you live your life the way that you want.

How I do it is a bit of magic: I'm intuitive, curious, creative, a good listener.

I value the connection I build with you above all elseduring our time together,

you are 100% my focus. 

I am not a therapist, but as your life design coach I help guide your self-inquiry

through a structured and proactive process, along the way sharing my life's plentiful gifts

of experience, tools, referrals and resources and wide personal study.


Your Life Coach


Whether it is 1:1 coaching,

or writing...
Let me be your coach.


Life Coaching
Life Coach
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yourself a
Life is short.  
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