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Hi, I'm Karen.


The nice kind.

"The ability to live authentically comes from a profound sense of self value and acknowledgement of your own lovability."

Who said that? 

I did.

After bumping my head against all kinds of self-help theories, spiritual pursuits, and other people's life philosophies, I finally arrived at some sense of my own. 


Everything you need, you already have in you.

If you are asking, "Why Me?" Ask "Why Not Me?" instead.

You are a genius.

Fulfillment of your potential takes a conscious effort, and the will to persist.

Get help when you need it.


How do you acknowledge your own lovability?

It takes courage.

And maybe someone to remind you.

It’s time to bring yourself back to the center stage of your life - where you belong. To become confident in who you are, to understand what you stand for and what you want.

I've been fortunate to coach dozens of clients, and students, over the years through my roles as a marketing and public relations manager, a college professor, and consultant/coach.

Regardless of the job titles I've held, the value I offer is to be your "thought partner." Working with me is like real talk with your best friend, except when you work with me you’ll get real results.


You’ll actually do that thing that you fear or put off...we'll rewire your negative thoughts and self-doubts.



Let me help you recognize your genius, gain insights for personal and professional growth, and reconnect with your dreams so that

you live your life the way that you want.

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