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I often get asked "How can a life coach help?" Or, "Can you give an example of how a coaching session goes?"


All coaching sessions are confidential, therefore, it is not possible to share a client's name or "testimonial," or tape and playback a session.


However, I CAN share examples of what some clients have told me were "breakthrough" moments for them. Tidbits of inspiration.


Profound words that "snapped them out of it."


Or, words that didn't sugarcoat the issues, but that cut through the clutter to provoke insight, or action!

Laughter is salve for the soul. Share some laughs with me, too.


Some "Making Me" areas I focus on with clients include:


  • Establish self-care habits and goals

  • Declutter, downsize and other life hacks

  • Cultivate new relationships for personal and professional growth

  • Feel better about your relationship with your body image

  • Let go of unhealthy self-talk and negative thinking patterns

  • Design your life for pure potential

  • Learn to trust the process, and learn to trust your own decisions

  • Stop sabotaging your relationships.

Personal growth is about finding the resolve you need to stop talking or writing or thinking about the change you need for you, and deciding to DO it.



EXAMPLE: "Just what I needed to hear!"

A client was told that her job was being eliminated. It hurt. She had worked for that company, and given it her all, felt important, valued and part of the team for 20 years. She was scared about her future. Through the reframing during our conversation, which was emotional for her…the words I said as her Life Coach that cut through for her were:

"Remember, this is not personal. This is just a business decision."

As blunt as this sounds, these few direct and pragmatic words helped her gain new perspective. When she saw the events unfolding from her boss’s side, she understood and could make it less personal…it felt less like an indictment on her talent, and more like a logical business approach. It may have been hard to hear at the time. But, she reported back in later that it was JUST what she needed to hear; it helped her get unstuck.

EXAMPLE: "Those I seek to be 'as good as' still need someone to appraise their work."  

A client had reached her ceiling at her current job, without additional formal education. She knew that she had limited opportunities, but wanted to be able to grow and learn—and was willing to explore places she could gain skills that weren’t necessarily needed at her current job but could help her train for something new in the future. But, more than that, she agreed during our coaching session that she would want to learn the skills for HERSELF and her own growth, even if it didn’t help her career. That skill was to be a better WRITER. Through our conversation, the words that cut through for her were:

“Every editor needs an editor.”

In the context of the coaching session, she had shared that her perspective was that good writers were somehow a rare breed. She thought she could never get “good enough,” or that there were pinnacles that somehow couldn’t be reached. The reality of my experience—letting her know that EVEN THE BEST WRITERS I had worked with over my 40 year career STILL had other people reading THEIR work, and making improvements to it. Even the masters of a skill need OTHERS to assist with making them better. RIGHT? So hearing that “every editor needs an editor” was JUST what she needed to hear; it helped her get unstuck.

EXAMPLE: "It is possible to CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE."    


A colleague spent 30 minutes with me, after losing her job of 20 years. She was at the highest levels of leadership in the organization. She had an advanced degree, title, high salary, respect, responsibility, high profile…the works. Though it appears that the elimination of her position was a cost-savings for the organization, and she didn’t necessarily personalize the decision, it still hurt…and, she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to try to replace her job at her level, find a different or less responsible job, or…simply hang out a shingle and work as a consultant.

Which, she could do. Through our conversation, the words that cut through for her was my admission that I loved what I was doing, and as an independent consultant, professor, and coach, I had been able to create a life that I loved. Weeks later, she reported in to me that she had found our session incredibly uplifting and valuable, had continued to pursue both job searching and building her own consulting practice…and that she had posted a sticky note on her desk at home that quoted what I had said. The sticky note said:


“She created a life that she loves.”

Words are important. You never know how what you say will impact someone at the time. However, in Life Coaching, sessions usually produce profound insight, and clarity that is extremely powerful, uplifting, reinforcing, and motivating.


But why take my word for it? Experience your own BREAKTHROUGH!

Book a Life Coaching session today.

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