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Small Group Worksos

In a small group setting, we lead you through

interactive, reflective exercises and group discussions

to explore your experiences, learn from others', and gain valuable insights

for personal growth.


In our workshops and life design coaching, we draw on the tools of

Cognitive Behavior Therapy and the Positive Psychology movement

to help you change your own self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.

We also use the principles

and concepts of Emotional Intelligence

to help you develop needed social

and emotional skills.

We will explore your strengths,

skills and career options

using personal marketing techniques.

"Making Me: 

Personal Growth During Times of Transition"

Making Me:


Making Me:


Making Me:


  1.5-hour workshop

designed to help you 

recognize your genius.

     1 hr 30 min


1.5-hour workshop

designed to help

          launch your better life. 



1 hr 30 min


1.5-hour workshop 

designed to help you 

set a new point for your life.


1 hr 30 min 


Revisit what makes you, you.

What makes you great?

How do you recover from failure, loss, or disappointment?

How do you start showing up again in your own life?

What if your greatest success isn't behind you, but still to come?

What have you learned that can help you going forward?

How do you set a new point of reference for a better you?


How do you design your life

to flourish?

What if self-help isn't enough? What resources and help do you need to stay on your healthy,

new path?

To schedule

Small Group Workshops

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