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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

I don't often post purely personal items, but to commend a character that has paid a major role in my journey over the past two yearsduring the pandemic and a move from California to ArkansasI want to share my tribute to Blue, Jimmy Mack's Jeep Liberty that he recently sold in order to accept his aging father's gift of his later-model Toyota truck. It has been a sad thing, to see his father, 89, no longer able to drive. And, it was sad, too, to say goodbye to the many and great memories Jimmy and I made driving to our adventures together in Blue, or him in Blue and me in my Prius or RV, "Tess." We have had an amazing time together..."all of us," lol. Jimmy and his many characters (he is always entertaining me and making me laugh) have been such a joy.

Bye Bye Blue...End of an era. We will miss you.

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