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Simple steps towards a better you

Swinging out over the abyss can feel like freefall. But, there's a way to sustain momentumby taking small, clear steps towards the "other side."

Sometimes in life you come to a junction – a point in time when decisions must be made that may require letting go, transitioning into uncharted territory. Did you know that the word "transition" actually comes from the Latin word “transire” which means “to go across?" When you are in a period of transitions in life, you are, literally "going across," going through the process of changing from one state or condition to another.

Letting go of the trapeze...?

Letting go can be hard because it means learning from your past.  It also means facing your futurethe unknown perhaps without a net!

Typical life transitions include divorce, empty nest, illness or losing a loved one, but can include many other circumstances such as graduating from college, getting laid off from your job, changing your career path, or retirement. Whatever the reason – whether forced upon you, or the result of a series of choice or decisions – how you write the story, how you bridge that chasm, how you move to the "other side" to grab the other bar of the trapeze, is up to you.

Swinging out over the abyss

Death, divorce, drugs, unemployment, depression

In 2013, my dad died. In 2014, I was laid off from my six-figure job. That same year, I filed for divorce signaling the end of my 18-year marriage.

Following my divorce, my daughter, 18 at the time, moved out and on to a life as a heroin addict. I managed to cobble together a life, get and lose another job, and get my son through his undergraduate and graduate degrees. But not without experiencing significant loss, grieving one life hit after another.

I'm still standing

So, how am I coping, managing to continue moving forward, still uncertain about when or how I will "grab the other bar" while I am fairly certain I am still over the abyss without a net??

1. Give up attachment to how things "ought to be.&