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Honor Thyself

At what point in your life story are you able to truly respect and honor yourself? For some people, it happens early in their lives. For others, it takes a lifetime.

For my own part, I have learned that it takes a lot of energy to adapt to other people’s opinions of you, and I find I have less motivation to do so the older I get.

Duh. (Thus, the "palm plant" emoji image that accompanies this post!)

Why do we continue to give our energy, our precious life’s blood, to what other people want to tell us about OUR lives?

How is it that you spend more time absorbing, which is, in a sense honoring, THEIR beliefs about what is true about you, than YOU spend honoring yourself?

Doesn’t this seem a bit backwards? Yes, it is. But it takes a lot of inner work to get in touch with, and stay in touch with, what is true for you...and to honor it.

Everyone has their own dogma. Or, said more plainly: everyone has a principle or set of principles they live by, and by definition, that at some point were laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

How boring. And how ultimately utterly self-destructive.

I’m not saying that dogma is all bad. I am saying that adopting someone else’s dogmatic way of thinking can be BAD FOR YOU. Dogmatic individuals, as a matter of definition, have many problems in understanding new ideas. They cannot accept reasonable ideas INSTEAD of their own ideas. “MY OPINIONS ARE FACT!” they assert.

But wait, if I stop listening and accepting their ideas, am I not doing the same thing?