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Expressing Your Self

The latest idea I've been mulling, and explore with my friend and former grad student Linda McShan in Los Angeles, is the idea of self expression. I happen to believe that a life fulfilled is a life where you live up to your potential, to the greatest extent possible and for as much as your skills, resources, and courage will allow. So, if you want to listen, here's the whole hour:

Here are the rough notes from that podcast, below:


PREMISE: Do you really "find yourself," as so many pundits and self-help gurus suggest? Or, is the "SELF" something you don't "find," but, rather, is something you create?

What does self expression entail?

Self-expression, by definition, is about communicating your individuality.

Further, it is about finding the courage to BE who you REALLY ARE. It's about actively seeking to share the best parts of yourself—your gifts—with the world.