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Return to Self

How can a sunflower remind you to return to your "self" when you may be giving too much, or otherwise not showing up when you most need you?

So what do the seeds at the center of the sunflower have to do with your own life design?

I like to think that each of us can produce life-enriching benefits for others simply by being our (best) selves. You sow the seeds of your uniqueness by sharing your gifts and talents, and by being you. Like a single sunflower plant can produce dozens of others, the seeds of your genius, your contributions, your personality, make the world a brighter place.

Return to Self

The secret, then, is giving of yourself without giving ALL of yourself. In fact, I would argue that in order to share yourself with the world, you must first retreat into your own safe space to initiate a process of regeneration. During this time, you can work to develop a healthy sense of self-protection, while you reserve and begin to cultivate your valuable inner resources and build a position of strength. Today, we call these practices "Self care." #selfcare

Before that sunflower can reach for the sky, it must be fed, watered, get plenty of sunshine.

We must constantly replenish those resources we use, or that others use up. When we reach out to our Self, the Self reaches back.

If the idea of self care is new to you, here are my Top 10 favorite techniques to give you a start:

1. Take time out to design your life just the way you want it.

2. Find an exercise that you thoroughly enjoy and do it several times a week.

3. Surround yourself with other supportive and growing people.

4. Say “no” to more things.

5. Do one thing every week that challenges you.

6. Schedule self care activities into your calendar like any other appointment.

7. Schedule time on your calendar to do nothing!

8. Treat yourself to something amazing after accomplishing something amazing.

9. Keep a clean house, declutter.

10. Meditate, pray, or journal daily -- get in touch with your Self and your creative force.


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